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About 37.5 Technology

Gococo uses a fabric called 37.5 Technology™ in its products. 37.5 Technology is one of the markets best and innovative materials at the moment. It is extremely quick drying and has the ability to control odour without any chemical treatments.

Extremely fast-drying

The pore structure of the active particles increases the surface area of the textile, making it 800 times larger than in ordinary functional textiles. This huge area helps to bring about rapid evaporation. Textiles using 37.5 Technology accelerate the drying time of a garment by up to 50% compared with other similar polyesters.

Odour control

The active particles in 37.5 Technology attract and capture odour molecules in their pores, thereby making the garment less susceptible to odours such as sweat. The odour molecules are cleared from the pores when the fabric is washed and dried.  


37.5 Technologyis a natural technology which uses active particles from natural sources, such as volcanic rock or charcoal made from coconut shells. 

UV protection

The active particles in 37.5 Technology absorb harmful UV rays and create a barrier between the skin of the user and harmful UV radiation. 37.5 Technology provides a UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) of up to 50 UPF+, depending on the design of the textile in question.


It is impossible to see, feel, wear out or wash away the particles in the fabric: they are permanent. So garments continue to benefit from these properties throughout their entire lifetime.


What is Cocona?

Cocona® is a textile fibre infused with natural active particles. It is impossible to see, feel, wear out or wash away the particles in the fabric: they are permanent. These active particles give the textile unique properties such as odour control, breathability and a faster drying time, as well as protection from UV radiation – and all with no chemical treatment. The method used to infuse the particles into the fibres is patented and unique to Cocona®.

What are active particles?
These active particles are natural and derived from natural sources such as volcanic rock or charcoal made from coconut shells. Each particle has billions of micropores which create an extremely large surface area in the fabric in which they are infused. 

How does it work?
Cocona® technology captures the active particles in the textile fibre during the production process. The active particles in the fibre attract moisture to the enormous surface area of the micropores and absorb the body heat of the wearer. This body heat, in combination with the particles, accelerates evaporation of moisture more than any other fabric on the market at present. The active particles also attract odour molecules and provide protection from UVA and UVB radiation. 

What happens when I wash my Gococo garments?
The active carbon in the garment cannot be washed out, so it maintains its function throughout the entire lifetime of the garment. Do not use conditioner, as this closes the pores in the fibres and so has an adverse effect on the fabric. 

Why should I not use conditioner when I wash my Gococo garments?
Conditioner blocks the micropores in the active particles, thereby reducing the positive properties of Cocona.

Why do my Gococo socks smell of sweaty feet?
Gococo socks come with odour control properties which have been tested and proven. However, odours and the smell of sweaty feet are very subjective, and so it is hard to decide the extent to which a garment smells. Of course, it is important to wash your Gococo clothes when you have perspired while wearing them, just the same as you do with other clothing. Washing also reactivates the positive properties and empties the pores of odour molecules. If you look after your Gococo socks, we can guarantee you will smell less sweaty than if you had worn a garment that does not use Cocona® fabric. 

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