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What is a Cocona® material?
The Cocona® material is produced from activated carbon from coconut shells, which is infused into the textile fibre by Cocona Inc. patent method. The coconut shell is a waste product from the food industry and the activated carbon is known since immemorial times to absorb poisons and odours. It is today also used in the filter industry. Many tests done by Cocona Inc. has shown that the activated carbon from coconut shells gives the best result. 

What is evaporative cooling and why does a Gococo garment dry faster?
Evaporative cooling speaks to how Cocona® rapidly moves perspiration over an enormous surface area created by the pores of the activated carbon, accelerating evaporation similar to how your body cools itself. See picture!  A good example would be wiping a chalkboard with a damp towel. The moisture quickly evaporates as it spread over a large porous material. Interesting to know is that a gram of activated carbon has an area of a soccer field in a spread out format. This is also one of the reasons why it dries up quickly. 

Is activated carbon safe?
Yes. Activated carbon has been used for centuries. It is used to purify drinking water for a large number of communities in the world. Certain grades of activated carbon are food grade and can be ingested to adsorb poisons when toxic substances are accidentally ingested. The activated carbon Cocona® uses comes from coconut shells. 

How long will all the great features last?
The great features that the Cocona® yarn provide Gococo garments with will retain or even improve their performance over the life of the product. The technology is permanently embedded into the fiber. Unlike topical chemical treatments, Cocona® natural technology™ will not wash off or wear out.

What happens to the garment when it gets torn? 
The more you use a garment with Cocona® fabric the typical features for Cocona® will improve. This because furthest fibres in the yarn are being torn of first and then the percentage of Cocona® in the garment higher which is positive. 

What happens when I wash my Gococo garments?
You can never wash out Cocona’s good features from your garment as these are natural features from the activated carbon. Every time you wash your garment the features will be reactivated. It’s important not to use scented products as well as softener as these clogs the pores. To achieve the highest performance you should wash your garment over 40 degrees and use tumble drying. The drying time in a tumble drier decrease with 35 % with a Cocona® garment compared to a similar material in polyester. This will make you save 22 % in energy. If you compare a Cocona® product to cotton or a bamboo product you will use 52 % less energy to dry the Cocona® garment.  

Why should I not use softener when I wash?
The softener clogs the pore in the fabric which decreases the performance of Cocona’s features. Furthermore, as the garment isn’t static softener isn’t needed as well as when not using softener you will decrease the negative impact on our nature which softener causes. 

What can Gococo guarantee?
Gococo can guarantee that our Gococo garments:

  • Dries up to three times faster than other comparable materials.
  • Odour management, which keeps the smell away.
  • Protects against the sun, 35-50 UPF.
  • Antistatic

 The guarantee is applied as long as the garment is taken care of as recommended.

My Gococo socks smells sweat from the feet?
The Cocona® material that is used in Gococo’s garments has a odour management control proved by test. Odour and smell from sweat of feet are subjective values and is therefore hard to decide how much or how little it smells. It is of course important that you wash your Gococo garments when you have sweated in them as you do with other garments. It is important that you wash the garments as the wash reactivates the features of your Gococo garments. If you take care of your Gococo garment as advised, we can assure you that you will decrease the smell of your sweat compared to if you had been wearing a garment without Cocona®. 

Explain 50 UPF
Ultraviolet radiation (UV) is a natural component of sunlight. The Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) represents how well a fabric protects your skin from harmful UV. UPF ranges from 0 to 50. A 50 rating, thereby the highest possible rating, indicates that 98% of UV is blocked. This can be compared to a white cotton t-shirt that have around 7+ UPF. 

Why is Gococo a "green" choice?
The Cocona fiber is produced from an all-natural technology that incorporates activated carbon made from recycled coconut shells from the food industry. The Gococo garments have a substantially shorter drying time than equivalent garments in other materials, which decrease the level of energy usage between 22-35%. See test! 

The Gococo garments provide the user sun protection without adding any chemicals. Most sunscreen lotions have chemical adding that goes out in the water and into your skin. See this article!

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