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Thule Adventure Team - Multisport
The Thule Adventure Team, who Gococo has been sponsoring with products since 2011, is a multi-sport team that faces extreme challenges during their competitions. These extreme adventures can last anything from an entire day to 10-11 days in a row, and often involve a combination of several events. Activities can include cross-country running, mountain biking, canoeing, climbing, swimming, rollerblading and other exciting, challenging disciplines. Needless to say, multi-sport and adventure challenges are very demanding for all of the team members when it comes to endurance, teamwork and motivation. Team Thule wears both hats and socks from the Gococo range on their adventures. The team's current favourites are Compression, Compression Sleeves, Outdoor Sport and Light Sport. In 2011, the team won the Adventure Racing World Championship, which is a fantastic achievement. Read more about the Thule Adventure Team and their plans on the team website!

Peter Oom - Triathlon and multisport
Peter is a successful and dedicated triathlete who frequently participates in running and bike races. Peter has been successful within the sport for a long time but in 2012 he took the big step when qualifying to the world's most prestigious triathlon, Ironman Hawaii World Championship, which he participated in with great verve! He also participates in prestigious contests such as "Island to Island", in the Stockholm archipelago, Oxfam Trail Walk, in Scotland, and a number of marathons around the world. It should also be mentioned that Peter completed his first "Svenska Klassiker" on the 6th fastest time ever in history. Peter is a frequent user of Gococos all products and invaluable support in our product development. For some time he blogs at FunBeat. Follow his blog here!

Carolin Holmquist - Multisport
Carolin is a fantastic athlete within endurance sport and she is not afraid of taking on new challenges and push her limits. She started her athletic career in multisport and are now participating in adventure racing, triathlon, swimrun and other endurance sports. Today she makes a solo venture within endurance sports as well as being a part of Thule Adventure Team. Carolin has an impressive track record of extreme races such as Åre Extreme Challenge, Adventure Racing European Championship, Norseman Extreme Triathlon and Stockholm Extreme. When competing Carolin prefer to use Light Sport socks combined with Compression Calf Sleeves as it gives her legs support during the long races.

Matilda Rapaport - Freeskiing
Born and raised in Stockholm Matilda started skiing in one of the local ski clubs as a kid. At age 20 she changed her racing skis into freeskiing ones and she hasn't looked back ever since. Matilda lives in Engelberg, Switzerland, but travels the world in search for the white gold. This year she hopes to qualify for the Freeride World Tour and to ski in Japan for the first time. She is described as a technical and aggressive skier and she loves challenges, both on and off the mountains. When she is not skiing she likes to go running, biking or hiking in the mountains. Out of Gococos socks her favourites are Compression Calf Sleeve and Light Sport Kit and the Compression socks. Follow her blog and web page here!.

Team Anna - Sailing, Match Racing
Team Anna is a Swedish female Match racing sailing team. The team that consists of the seven girls Anna Kjellberg, Karin Almquist, Annica Carlunger, Marie Berg, Vanja Lundberg, Linnéa Wennergren och Annie Wennergren (Gococo founders) has only existed since the spring 2013 but has in this short time become very successful internationally. The team compete in the international Female Match Racing Tour, WIMRS.

The challenge does not only mean long and physically demanding days on the water but also hard work on land where the teamwork is in focus. There are a lot to discuss and admin in order to become the best female sailors in the world! But already during the premiere year 2013 came a long way and placed them selves on an outstanding 2nd place on the world tour and in 2014 they crowned the season with the team's first World Champion gold medal. The world champion titled gave them the nomination for the honorable Jerring Prize from the Swedish Radio Sport.

The team's favorite sock is undoubtedly the Compression Superior and Compression styles, which protects the legs from bumps and bruises when sailing. The Compression socks are also invaluable to the team during the long flights during the season when the girls are competing all around the world. Follow the girls on their facebook!

Kesi was only a couple of months when he was taken care of. He was found abandon on a plantation. her mother was killed by thief hunters and Kesi had got her arm cut off and left behind. When she came to the camp she behaved like a confused little child. By time she have learned how to climb with one arm and she enjoys playing with the other orangutang babies so much that she sometimes forgets to eat properly.

Age at arrival: 3,5 - 4 months
 8 years
Rescued: December 2004 
Favourite food: Mango, rambutan fruit
Lives: Nyaru Menteng, rehabilitation centre, Borneo 

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